Demo Skateboard and Local Skater Contest, Raises Funds for the Humboldt Skatepark Collective

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Humboldt Skatepark Collective, along with numerous business sponsors, today announced the date and details for its annual fundraising event. Billed as “Holiday in Humboldt with Hard Luck Mfg and Friends,” the event will take place on Saturday, September 14 from 11:00 am-5:00 pm PT at Cooper Gulch Skatepark, 1720 10th Street in Eureka, CA.

At “Holiday in Humboldt,” skaters from the local community will join forces with special guests from other parts of California to raise funds for new skateparks in Humboldt County. The event will feature a professional skate demo and a competition for local skaters, as well as great food, beer, and music from the local community.

“We are committed to establishing skating as one more exciting outdoor recreational activity on the North Coast,” said Riley Morrison, Volunteer, Humboldt Skatepark Collective. “People come to Humboldt for so many great reasons — to visit the Redwoods, the Lost Coast, the Trinity River, Humboldt State University, and more. Skating is a way for local residents to express themselves, and another fantastic reason for people from outside the area to visit. At ‘Holiday in Humboldt,’ we will be honored to host some of the biggest names in the skateboarding world.”

The objective of Humboldt Skatepark Collective is to develop a more robust network of skateparks on the North Coast, and boost awareness of skateboarding as an outdoor recreational sport in Humboldt County. The proceeds from “Holiday in Humboldt” will go to building skate parks in Humboldt and provide skateboards, helmets, and other gear for kids, as well as grants toward park enhancements and expansions in 2020. Money raised through last year’s Pro Am Skate Jam Event went toward grants for projects at Willow Creek’s Veterans Park, McKinleyville’s Pierson Park and a memorial dedication park in Fortuna.

“Holiday in Humboldt” is sponsored by a number of leading skate brands, including Hard Luck Mfg, Santa Cruz, Ampt Skate Shop, and Humboldt Skate Lab, as well as a number of high-quality craft cannabis producers from Humboldt County, including Emerald Queen FarmsBarrett Farms, Humboldt Terp Council, Humboldt Kine Farms, Papa and Barkley and True Humboldt. The event will feature a professional skating demonstration with a number of high-profile skaters, such as Jaws (Aaron Homoki) Wes Kremer, Kiade Huston, Jimmy Cao and Greyson Fletcher. It will also include several food vendors, beer from local artisan breweries, and more. “Last year’s event was the most humble love from a skateboard community that I’ve ever felt,” said Jason Jessee, a professional skater who participated in last year’s event.

“Humboldt Skatepark Collective and Emerald Queen Farms are working in tandem to make connections within and outside of the local community and put Humboldt on the map as a skating destination,” said Hannah Whyte, Emerald Queen Farms. “As residents of Humboldt County, we believe that it’s important for people to have a safe place to skate outside. When we travel with our family, we seek out places that have skateparks so that our kids can enjoy the experience of being outdoors and connect with people who live in those areas. We want people to be able to do that here, too.”

“‘Holiday in Humboldt’ is a completely collaborative effort between cannabis and non-cannabis businesses in Humboldt County,” said Jake Jones, Creative Director, Velvet Supply. “The cannabis businesses are excited because their sponsorship of this event demonstrates that they can finally come out of the shadows and do good things for the community. Non-cannabis businesses in Humboldt are also psyched about this event because it offers an opportunity to attract new customers. We are working together to make Humboldt an even better place to live and work. It’s a great partnership.”

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