Companies Offer a Complete Space Mission Solution as a Service

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Today, at the Small Satellite Conference, Orbital Transports, Inc. and SpaceBridge Logistics, Inc. announced their partnership to deliver an integrated and streamlined suite of mission design, build, launch, and operations services to anyone flying small satellite missions.

“We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Orbital Transports,” said Colin Doughan, chief executive officer of SpaceBridge Logistics. “We’ve brought together launch services with complete mission planning and management to help satisfy the increasing demand for valuable space data. Together we can now offer a simple, end-to-end solution that anyone can use to get the data they need, whether it’s their first launch or their twentieth.“

SpaceBridge provides an online platform that matches customers to the right launch or satellite servicing opportunity, reducing the time, cost, and headaches of getting to, and staying in, the right orbit. Orbital Transports offers complete mission design, manufacturing and operations for small satellites, allowing customers to focus on their data. Together, these companies can now offer a complete solution for customers, from designing the satellite, all the way through finding the right launch opportunity, and mission operations.

“We’re thrilled to be adding SpaceBridge’s launch and satellite servicing capabilities to our partner network,” explained David Hurst, chief executive officer of Orbital Transports. “The SpaceBridge vision of satellite servicing and reusable hosted payload services is in line with our goals for building orbital infrastructure to support the in-space economy of space resources.”

SpaceBridge will also use Orbital Transports as the preferred provider for its “hosted payload constellation” service. Likewise, Orbital Transports plans to register all satellite missions developed by the firm with SpaceBridge’s Space Asset Registry and will build their satellites with “servicing-friendly” standards.

“Our combined services not only meet a critical demand in the marketplace but is also going to allow many more companies to harness the opportunities of space,” continued Hurst. “This partnership is a big win for us, but an even bigger win for our customers and the industry.”

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