Essential Tips for Keeping Children safe from Online Predators

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Are you familiar with the term of online predators? Are you the kind of parent that wants to keep your children safe from online predators? This article covers the ins and outs of keeping your children safe from online predators. You will have full knowledge of the subject after reading this information.

Times are changed, and parents should be aware of what their kids are up to and what this digital era entails. Kids are at risk of online predators. Online predators may be a new subject to you because there wasn’t always such a thing.

To solicit your children, online predators use something called the “dark web.” The dark web is the Internet not optimized by google, which involves plenty of criminal activity, including online predators lurking for your children.

Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsign says that “the dark web poses a real threat” to young people these days, and it’s up to parents like you to keep them safe. Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsign has done his part and was involved with the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Why? Because apparently during adolescents years is when sexuality becomes investigated by your child.

Online solicitation of a minor is a serious felony offense. A person executes an offense if done so through the Internet, email, text message, or in any other electronic form or service. The intent is done so to seek the minor to engage in sexual actions.

It is best to make sure your kids aren’t spending a lot of time on the Internet. If they are, it is most beneficial to your child if you check the family computer for porn sites.

Monitor your child cell phone and social media activity. Supervising your child and their cell phone activity is best to prevent an online predator from ever coming in contact with your child over the phone. Be sure to check if they are pretending to be someone else on the Internet or keep what they’re doing confidential.

Another red flag would be your child going into isolation and wanting to be more to themselves. If this happens, then it is a good chance that your child is receiving deliveries and presents from someone.

Women and children are the most targeted in sexual abuse cases, and sadly the abuse usually comes from someone they know. The top reason you can keep you and your children safe is to keep your circle of friends and families informed with this subject matter.

Online predators do not have a specific look, but there are some characteristics. Deyalsingh mentions a “social and interpersonal intimacy deficits, victim empathy deficits, cognitive distortions, poor coping of self-management skills, and under-detected deviant sexual behavior.

Husbands, it is your job to protect your wife and kids. Do not let your child succumb to the sexual needs of an online predator. Warn your community, friends, and do whatever you need to keep your household and community safe! Tell them to reach out for help if needed!


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