Don’t Force Yourself to Focus: Do This Instead

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By Daphne Michaels, Special for USADT
A common struggle for my clients is their inability to focus. When I hear this I tell them not to force themselves. There is a cost to forcing yourself to focus. That cost is creativity. If you want any level of creative flow forcing yourself to focus is counter productive. 
The secret to gaining focus without shutting down your creativity is to remember times in the past when you were naturally focused with ease. The kind of focus where hours pass and you are as energized as when you began. Ask yourself, what were the conditions for this high level of focus?
Developing a  ‘muscle memory’ for creative focus is the secret. Or if you’ve never had this experience, learning from people who have will bring many insights. Ask yourself things like, what time of day and what kinds of conditions are present during times of creative focus. This is the information you need to build your focus-muscle memory. 
When I ask my clients what they discovered they often reflect on the same three elements: First, they are organized and their minds are not overwhelmed with competing thoughts. Secondly, their awareness is higher because they are inspired and energized about possibilities. Thirdly, there is a clear path ahead. They believe in themselves and their ability to bring what they are focusing on to life.
When these three elements are present: organization, awareness and a clear path ahead — focus doesn’t need to be forced. It is natural. When you practice recreating this natural sense of ease — and the conditions which support them — your focus-muscle memory will become developed. Applying this muscle memory to even mundane projects will develop your capacity to stay focused without forcing. If you practice this skill you may even become a master at the art of entering flow states of consciousness at will. 

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Daphne Michaels is a leading expert in human potential and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money. She is endorsed by the national media and listed with the top-rated All American Speakers bureau. Daphne is a regular guest offering business advice and expert commentary on The Price of Business and other nationally syndicated BizTalk radio programs.

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