Important Things To Do As You Settle Into Your New Home

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Moving into a new home should be an exciting time in your life. While you are getting settled, keep in mind that there will likely be an adjustment period. To help ease the transition, here are some activities that you should do around the house to get comfortable.

Make A List

Make out a list of every goal that you would like to accomplish in the first few days that you’re staying at your new home. Prioritize plans that you want to accomplish within a week, such as cleaning and unpacking. After completing those tasks, focus on the lengthy projects that you plan to complete within a year.

Wood Maintenance

If you have some dull woodwork around the house, it’s time for you to perform some maintenance. Mineral Spirits is a good option. Mineral spirits can get rid of buildup on wood without harming it. You can purchase Mineral Spirits at a paint store.

Look At The Electrical Panel

Find the electrical panel so that you’ll be aware of where to go if you have to shut the power off. The panel is normally located in a room, basement, or garage. The panel is the breaker for the home. The electrical panel also includes breakers that control individual circuits.

Greet Your Neighbors

Try to get familiar with your neighbors when you get settled. Introducing yourself to your neighbors should help you build a relationship with them. Everyone in the neighborhood should look out for each other. Developing a relationship with your neighbors will also give you a chance to learn valuable information about the neighborhood.

Replace The Furnace Filter

Replace the furnace filter so that you can avoid damaging your heating and cooling system. Try to replace the furnace filter every couple of months.

Clean Your Dryer

Clean out the buildup in your dryer every month. A clogged dryer reduces the efficiency of the device. Make sure that you clean the lint screen and the exhaust ducts; this will help you save money on your electric bill. Over-drying your clothes can also increase your electric bill. Try to wash all of your clothes without giving the dryer a chance to cool down between loads.

Use A Detachable Toilet Seat

Keeping the hinges on your toilet seat clean can be difficult. That’s why you should consider purchasing a detachable toilet seat. Having a detachable toilet seat allows you to clean any grime that builds up under the hinges.

Inspect All Crawlspaces

Don’t neglect the corners of your home. Check the crawlspace for any leaks, insects, and mold. That should help you maintain termite control, as well as other potential issues throughout your house.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Locate all of the smoke detectors around your house. Test the detectors to make sure that they are working properly. To ensure that the smoke detectors keep working properly, follow the schedule so that you’ll know when to replace them.

Don’t Rush Into Anything

Before you make any substantial changes to your home, keep everything as it is for at least a year. After a year, reevaluate your plans.


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