Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

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An amazing way to bring your office team closer to each other is to incorporate corporate team building activities as a regular part of your annual routine. While a lot of the activities might seem like silly antics for grown-ups, there is a science behind such corporate activities. These events are proven for bringing the team closer to each other and improving their performance at the office, thus affecting your business positively. While corporate team strengthening activities might seem like a fun way to pass time, the impact of corporate team development activities can be measured.

Considering that one-third of the lives of your office team members are spent at work, it makes good business sense to bring them together as a team and build on their professional relationships with each other. According to various studies, corporate team bonding does enhance the experience for everyone involved. These activities are easy to incorporate irrespective of time and budget constraints.  And yet, a large number of companies put off or forego such team activities.

Why is Corporate Team Building Important?

Humans have changed the way they work and live. Employees need to change the way they manage their people. The culture in an organization sets the foundation for many important aspects of the business realm. Bonding between the team members shows improved results in productivity and employee retention. Team strengthening activities are known to help prevent employee burnout and act as a major boost before starting a complex or large project.

Benefits of Corporate Team Building

The benefits of corporate team-building activities can be measured by accurately gauging and analyzing the results of different efforts. With data reporting becoming better and more precise, baseline performance metrics can be compared from both pre and post team building events to find the changes. There may be other factors that could affect these metrics, however, data derived from companies that undertake these regular corporate activities have shown regular positive patterns emerging post the activities. According to companies that have implemented regular corporate team bonding activities, some of the top benefits derived have been:

  • Corporate team activities that involve creative challenges have resulted in better problem solving and negotiation skills amongst the participants.
  • The activities help facilitate the organization’s culture, which most members believe leads to success in business.
  • The team activities have resulted in more engaged employees, leading to far better retention.
  • Companies that incorporate such processes have shown better profits than those who do not.

What is the Best Time to Hold These Activities?

There is no best time – team-building events can be held at regular intervals across the year. However, the activities mustn’t clash with days of high workload and stress. Take advantage of the predictable peaks and valleys for your industry and schedule events during the slow season. Fridays are generally the least productive days in most organizations and hence a good day to hold team building activities. The onset of the winter holidays is a favorite time with most organizations to hold an outdoor team development event. This helps the team to have some fun and relax while boosting their morale for the New Year. Another good time to hold team activities is before the annual review or even during regular weekly meetings.

Ways to Incorporate Team Bonding in the Office

While there are specific activities that are held to facilitate team connections, there are a few aspects that need to be woven into the fabric of the organization through ongoing practices like:

  • Find new ways to bring people together and help create a happy and healthy work culture in your office.
  • Create the right environment at the office to facilitate networking, comfort, and productivity. Co-working spaces, lounges, communal desks and incorporating natural elements in the office space are some ways to create a great team-building and working environment.
  • Schedule a few minutes every day and a full day once a month for these Regular team building activities enhance the feeling of being engaged by one and all.
  • Hire a professional company to help you with your events.

The Bottom Line

Regular corporate team-bonding activities will start to show results in employee retention and business successes. Review the different types of activities to figure out which ones are the best for your organization. Remember, people who feel involved and engaged are more likely to give their best and remain committed to their roles.


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