A Brief Report on the Invention and Applications of a Diesel Generator

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The world as we know today has been shaped by many discoveries and inventions through the ages. Industrialization and globalization was a slow process and is the product of many catalysts that worked in harmony. The invention of electricity, the telephone, and the internet are some of the major inventions that played a crucial role in paving the path for the technology that we witness today. Though here we want to talk about one such invention that also changed a lot and played an important role in Industrialization; the diesel generator. We see a diesel generator almost everywhere we go these days like malls, houses, restaurants, factories, and more. In fact they are so common that we mostly oversee it or simply ignore the heavy sound that it makes. The design and efficiency of the generator have been developed and improved since it was invented. The generators these days are much quieter, produce more voltage, and use up lesser diesel. So let’s go back some years and see how this indispensable machine was invented.



The diesel generator was not invented by one person. It took two great minds and two separate inventions to produce the basic diesel generator that we still use for the base design. The first part of the invention happened in 1831 when Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction and ultimately developed the first generator. It was an invention that would stem out and create many more important inventions in the future. 

The second part of the invention was made by Rudolph Diesel in 1892. He had patented a design in which he gained 75% efficiency of a diesel engine by making the combustion happen in a cylinder. 

The coupling of the diesel engine and Faraday’s generator produced the original diesel generator. Today’s design of the diesel generator is still based around the basics of the original diesel generator that was created at that time. The design has had some tweaks for overall better performance but it is mostly still the same.


Applications in the Modern World

The diesel generator has found many uses in the modern world. Almost every type of industry and workplace uses a diesel generator these days. The applications are countless but let’s have a look at the most common and important ones


Construction Sites

Most construction sites do not have a connection to the power grid, especially the ones at remote locations. Diesel generators help provide electricity to these projects for essential construction tasks. They also provide light and help power other appliances so that the work does not stop even at night. 


Mining Sites

Mining sites mostly use diesel generators as they use heavy machinery which can only be supported by them. High-powered drills, floodlights, pumps, and hydraulic machinery can only be powered by a heavy-duty diesel generator. Mining work is rough and the diesel generator would need to be moved time and again for the mining activities. This requires a generator that is durable and low maintenance, which are again the qualities of a diesel generator.


Oil & Gas Industries

The oil and gas operations usually take place at remote locations far away from civilization. This means that they will be miles away from a power grid and will need a portable power source. Also, just like mining activities, drilling for natural gas and oil also requires heavy-duty drills and pumps which can be powered only by a diesel generator.


Power Industries

Even the main power grid sometimes requires a powerful nudge to start back up after a complete grid failure. The diesel generator again comes to the rescue. Electric engineers at https://krugerpower.com.au/diesel-generators.html explain how the generators are an extremely vital backup power source for spillways and other essential components of a hydro-electric project on a dam. These components can not be left without energy even for a moment as the results can be disastrous.  


Commercial Centers

Commercial centers like shops and malls require a steady flow of electricity to power air conditioners and lighting for their customers. People only trust diesel generators to do this job as they quickly kick in if the main power supply goes off. The generators are so powerful and efficient nowadays that they not only take care of the lighting and air conditioning but can take the load of almost any type of appliance in the building.


Real Estate

A major selling point of various residential and commercial real estate projects is the guarantee of uninterrupted water and electricity supply to the residents and owners. In the case of a power cut, which is quite common all over the world, the back-up generators take up the load of the whole project. Every household or office is given a fair share of voltage till the time the main electricity grid does not come back on. The water pumps, a few air conditioners of each flat and basic appliances are all functional thanks to the generators.

I.T. Industries

The I.T. Industry also can not afford very long power cuts. It has a detrimental effect on the companies profits and more importantly the servers. A lot of I.T. giants have huge offices and house super servers which require proper cooling and need a lot of electricity to function. This means that they require a heavy-duty diesel generator on-site to act as a trust-worthy back-up in case the main power supply is interrupted. 


Medical Facilities

Last but definitely not least comes the hospitals and clinics. These places require a steady flow of electricity to keep life-saving equipment powered like ventilators and dialysis machines. These places require a high-tech grid with a diesel generator that can fire up immediately and provide electricity within seconds.


Diesel generators are much more important than we think. The uses and applications are so important in some places that without them half the industries would not even imagine to be where they are today. Even though they are mostly stuffed out of sight in a basement or in an outhouse, their value can never be underestimated. They are truly a blessing and have helped shape the world that we know today.


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