Ten (10) Ways to Make Your Life More Sustainable

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Have you ever looked at the variety of mens electric bikes or ladies electric bikes for sale and wondered if it is an economical alternative to your car? Do you see the growing concern for environmental preservation and wonder what you can do to help? If so, here are ten ways you can make your life more sustainable.

1. Find More Economical Transportation

It is no secret that vehicular transportation is one of the most significant contributors to a person’s carbon footprint. If you buy electric bike online and use it for daily commuting, you will drastically reduce your negative impact on the world around you.

2. Use Less Water

People waste countless gallons of water every day in the shower, while brushing their teeth and through excessive washing of laundry. Conserve water by installing water-saving faucets and limit the number of laundry loads on any given day.

3. Purchase Reusable Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles continue to be a leading pollutant around the globe. While many companies are looking into more sustainable containers, you can help curb the epidemic by purchasing a reusable water bottle and drinking from the tap. You can also buy filtered bottles if you do not want straight tap water.

4. Eat Local

Part of sustainable living is supporting the production of local produce and goods. When you eat and shop local, you are helping businesses with fewer travel requirements and reducing the carbon footprint of larger corporations.

5. Buy Fair Trade Products

When shopping, look for the fair trade symbol on produce and other merchandise. Fair trade products use sustainable practices and support the communities where the items are manufactured, grow or collected.

6. Recycle

Recycling is still a leading method to curb pollution and landfill overflow. Unfortunately, many people do not recycle at all or properly. Too many people have good intentions, but they do not wash recyclable containers before discarding them. Failing to clean the items can lead to contamination of an entire truckload of recycled goods, so recycle but also wash.

7. Donate or Resell Items

Part of living sustainably is choosing not to be wasteful. When you have items, like clothing or electronics, that are in good condition, do not just throw them away. Plenty of people need donations, but if you do not want to donate, many people are willing to buy used goods.

8. Start a Garden

Gardening is not only relaxing, but it is also sustainable. Growing your own food not only encourages healthy eating, but it also improves the world around you.

9. Stop Using One-Use Products

One of the best ways to live a sustainable life is to eliminate one-time use products. Purchase glasses instead of disposable cups. Buy an electric razor instead of disposable blades.

10. Reduce Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption also helps the planet, and there is a simple way to do it in your home by installing a programmable thermostat and energy-efficient appliances. Products with energy-efficient seals will not only help the environment but your utility bills.

Living sustainably doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can change one thing at a time, like using a bicycle for daily commuting. Talk to a local retailer to discuss hybrid and electric bicycle options.

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