3 Quick Link Building Tips to Grow Your Website’s Visibility

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There’s no way around it—if you want to grow your website’s search ranking and visibility, you need link building. As one of the top three most important signals Google relies on to rank search results, most people understand the value of link building. The problem many have, especially first-time website owners, is just how to go about it.

It doesn’t help that, thanks to Google’s algorithm updates, the techniques that worked a decade ago may be ineffective or even penalized today. Whereas link building isn’t a walk in the park, every website owner should be familiar with the following 3 tips if they want to get things moving fast.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to not just generate relevant traffic to your site but also improve your search ranking. As a plus, you get to establish mutually beneficial relationships with experts in the industry. To get your guest blogging going, first, identify websites and blogs that offer opportunities for a third party to write and publish content.

Not just any website will do—it has to be one where at least part of the audience would be interested in your content or product. You can run a Google search for your keywords and go through the results to see what sites offer blog posting. This is however a manual and time-consuming process. You’ll be better off working with a blogger outreach service. For instance, look at this site. With the outreach service, you can zero in on blogs that will deliver the most impact.

2. Great Content

Backlinks lead users from other sites to yours. When they arrive on your page, they’ll have expectations of the page itself and your site as a whole. At the minimum, they’ll expect that the context of the backlink on the host site will be further explained on your page. Second, they’ll be on the lookout for signs that the content on your site is of a similar or higher standard than the referring site. Third, visitors may also want to browse other pages on your site.

All of these expectations point to users looking forward to the great content on your website. It’s imperative that you meet and exceed these expectations. Create content that’s articulate, coherent, well-researched, well-structured, and has a seamless logical flow. Make sure your web pages can compete with the best articles on the topic anywhere on the Internet. If your content is good, you’ll get plenty of organic backlinks without even asking for them. Readers will be keen on posting links to their own sites and social media pages.

3. Event Sponsorship

This is a means of link building that may seem out of reach for all but the most well-resourced websites out there. Sponsoring a large event such as an industry conference is certainly expensive. But if you are an individual or an SMB looking for sponsoring opportunities, you could always set your eyes on local or less high profile events.

Irrespective of the size of the event you sponsor, the organizers will usually have an official website where they’ll list their sponsors including links to the sponsor’s site. The backlinks improve your authority in the eyes of search engines while also serving as a direct source of the traffic to your own site.


Over time, the right link building strategy will give you a good and consistent ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Apply these techniques and you’ll be on the path toward obtaining the right results for your blog or website.

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