How to Improve Your Branding Strategies with Promotional Pens

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“The pen is mightier than the sword”—true indeed and especially amid the marketing personnel. You see, the field of marketing is so creative that it can be explored and re-explored with a bunch of techniques to hit the right spot.


If you are looking for a safer channel to promote your products and services, the proven technique through pens can help. And a number of online businesses, like Custom Gear, are selling a diverse range of pens to select from.


Why Promotional Pens?


Every business needs exposure. No matter how much you spread the word, it cannot thrive without proper visibility.


You must have observed how even the most powerful brands worldwide invest in showbiz as a medium of promotion. Right from the jerseys of the athletes to offering free merchandise, such as branded t-shirts, cups, and pens, have always been a popular means to gain greater audience attention.


Hence, if you have just started your career, running a limited campaign, or on a tight budget, the promotional pens can be a fruitful marketing strategy.


How to Use Pens to Establish Your Brand Image?


Out of the lot, you must select the right kind of pens for your target customer. Below is a guide to determine a high-yielding strategy:


For the Corporate Events


To create a long-lasting impression on your clients, gifting is a smart move. Pen, as you know, is used on a daily basis and helps in brand recall every single time your client takes it out. If your client base is strictly corporate, present them the prestigious branded pens.


The USB pens from businesses like Custom Gear are also highly utilitarian for the busiest officials who would find this pen cum memory stick much handy. Simply get your brand names engraved on them and you are all set.


For Marketing Campaigns


Online contests have been in trend for quite some time now, and they have turned out to be effective when taken the right approaches. For example, if you are running a photography contest, you can give away branded pens.


You can always customise them with a logo and even some message to offer your brand the limelight it deserves. Free pens just on participation will not only boost the contestants’ morale but also would create good brand awareness.


For Students


Believe it or not, students are the no. 1 users of pens and pencils. Moreover, wherever they travel, they would carry a box of writing tools and earn your brand more attention. Apart from pens and pencils, you can also choose a box of crayons if your brand is associated with children.


For instance, if you deal with drawing books, you visit the schools and set a scheme where the buyer will get free crayons with your brand name engraved with every purchase they make.


If you are wondering how to go about it, simply call these online promotional pen sellers, and the businesses like Custom Gear have their expert executives who would guide you. Think smart; choose the most beneficial way of advertising.


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