Top 4 Receive SMS Services with Free Virtual Number Kazakhstan

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Free virtual directory has become an integral part of every-day life. All the email-services, Web-sites, social media platforms etc. require your real number for registration. The world goes crazy if it does not have your phone numb.

However, it is great if you do not want to share your mobile directory with anyone. This is when virtual numb providers are helpful. They are all over the globe: in the United States, Spain, Ukraine, Philippines, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, India and many other states.

All you need to have is access to the Internet, a registered account on one of the services and replenished balance.

To choose a reliable receive sms Kazakhstan accommodation you need to follow these pieces of advice:

  • choose a company that has nice reviews;
  • study its prices;
  • check if there are free trials;
  • find out about the delivery time.

It is better to search for companies which are paid but provide free trials. This is because the completely free accommodations do not usually work properly. There are delays in messages, the choice of numbs is not big and the variety of states cannot impress. Choosing a free trial from a paid company gives you an opportunity to feel all the loveliness of an accommodation for free.


OnlineSIM has a vast variety of available phone directories. Its numbers are from over 30 states around the globe including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Philippines, the USA, France, Canada, the UK and other states.

The prices at OnlineSIM cannot be called high. There are numbs that can be used only once and numbs for continual usage. The messages come in quickly, there are no delays. You will not have to wait long to receive sms online. Kazakhstan is no exception. The greatest thing is that you can also try this service for free if you want to check their quality first.


ClickSend has gained its popularity due to handling more than 43 million messages a day. The accommodation is available in many countries including Kazakhstan.

The messages come in fast, but if there are any delays, the service’s client support answers promptly and is ready to solve any issues. It also offers free trials so checking the service before paying for it is possible too.


Twilio also works with Kazakhstan numbs. However, during registration you will have to provide your real directory. This is a bit ironic.


This service also supports numbs from Kazakhstan and other states. You can try it for free. The prices are quite acceptable.

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