Convert Multiple Photos. How to Turn Image into PDF

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Probably, each of us had to convert several images to one pdf file. Most often this is done to save space on the hard drive or send documents faster, because no one wants to search for images in different folders and send them in several approaches. In addition, after such a conversion, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Portable Document format, such as security (you can put a watermark or a password on each page of the finished file), versatility (the appearance of the source does not depend on the device on which you are viewing it, operating system or editor version), popularity (is the only internationally established standard).

As the function of converting multiple images into one pdf is gaining in demand, supply increases accordingly. The modern market offers the user plenty of different utilities, programs and online services, it all depends on your preferences. All of them differ to a large extent in the quality of conversion and price, it is because of the last point that online converters of several images to pdf are considered the most popular, although they are not always free, but not us.

We do not require any subscription or registration on our website. All you need to do is upload up to twenty images from the device you are working on or from storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Then you can rotate any of the documents, delete from the list or upload a new one. We also indicate under each picture its name and extensions for faster and more convenient work. After all the settings, you can click the “Create” button, which will start the very conversion of several images into one pdf. At this stage, we form the correct margins from the edges of the document, thirty pixels above and below, as well as twenty on the sides. Then you can download the finished source or share it in one of the above mentioned integration.

It is worth noting that all transformations take place on the client side, that is, directly on your gadget. Thus, you cannot worry about the security of your data, because they are not even sent to our servers. But this in no way prevents you from converting several images into one pdf, for example, using a tablet or phone. By the way, we have developed a design for both the computer version of the site and the mobile one. For those who are new to this, we have a detailed instruction manual at the bottom of the page.

We will be glad to receive your feedback, because your opinion is very important for us.

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