Why You Should Not Delay System Updates

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Mark Wiener.

Price and Weiner discuss the need for businesses to make sure their employees are keeping their computers updated.

Mark Wiener, CEO of  BizCom Global  https://bizcomglobal.com manages a team of specialists that assist companies with Managed Cloud IT, Cybersecurity and technical Compliance services for small and midsized businesses.


You see that pop-up telling you to restart your computer that appears at the worst time and maybe your computer is acting abnormally.  It is annoying, however, this notification is extremely important to securing and protecting your devices from a cyberattack. DON’T dismiss it.

By not updating your operating system, BIOS and software, you leave yourself and your whole company vulnerable to losing the information on your device or compromising access.

An update is improved, or fixed software.  Updating your operating system brings it up-to-date with the latest drivers, system utilities, and security tools. The software update usually includes patches, bug fixes, or critical security updates.  It may or may not include feature improvements.

Why should you not push off that update?

Cybercriminals look for vulnerabilities in the security of operating systems and other software to exploit them to gain access your device or network so they can steal confidential information, cryptolocker for ransom or other malicious reasons.

Patches and updates help prevent these breaches by fixing vulnerabilities as soon as possible.  For companies there should be ways to push the Meaning, the sooner you install your update, the less likely your system is at risk for a cyberattack.

Learn more about Mark at https://bizcomglobal.com/team-members/mark-wiener/


Mark Wiener, CEO of  BizCom Global  https://bizcomglobal.com who provides a team of specialists that assist companies with Managed Cloud IT, Cybersecurity and technical compliance services for small and midsized companies.

Companies are not doing enough to protect themselves from ransomware and hacking threats.  It is time for companies to get serious about cyber security!

Huge security breaches like Colonial Pipeline get the big headlines, but many small to medium size businesses are also getting hacked.

The reason? A company’s own employees unwittingly open the door to hackers!

Human errors and accidental losses lead to many data breaches, which can be especially fatal to small and medium size businesses.

They click items without thinking first, they release dangerous malware that has rightly been set into the spam folder, and they are lured by “phishing” attacks.

It is vital that businesses provide core tools and regular cyber training and emphasize the importance of comprehensive security to employees.



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