Do You Have a Button

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The button is yet, old as the beginning, and, as young as yesterday.

The first honorable mention would, of course, be the belly button,  innie or outie, we all have the mark of our origins, Nay for Adam and Eve. As a mechanical device the button is overshadowed for centuries by the lever, or the hook, or the wheel. Gears and pulleys, clevis pins or enchanting knots. Then one day Bob had to keep his pants from falling down, and behold, the trouser button. Fast forward to the 20th century and the explosion of the button was everywhere. Homes, automobiles, industries and finally on your webi-fication device that holds your gaze even now. How important is that button? It can bring the world to your eyes, open your ears to its sounds, or even recall memories of forgotten snap shots in time. We laugh, we sing, we cry, and through it all commands the attention of the button to preserve and deposit the emotions, which is, are life. The button cares not, what time will do to your digital emotions, but you should. We have made it to so easy to capture life’s moments today; you could accidentally sneeze while holding your phone wrong and take 10 pictures, and you will still, keep those on your phone. The average person has around 630 photos on their cell phone, and there are 6.92 billion smart phone users worldwide. The average European takes 597 selfies a year. What you end up with is, a huge mountain of digital nuggets that you will never do anything with. Ever see someone scrolling threw their phone, trying to find that one picture, that explains something about somewhere, and it only took them 5 minutes to find it. Ever ask someone if they had ever dropped their phone? You will get the dreaded look of pain because now comes the stories of all the pictures and memories they lost. “PTDPS” Post Traumatic Dropped Phone Syndrome. We have found, that there is a secret button, with an almost magical word on it, being spread around, that let’s one take, a memory, and add a story and words to it, then using that special button, save and share it, to your world, the best moments in your life. “Arket” This is a secret button known only to the 1% of people with the knowledge of future digital dementia, that awaits us. When a friend shows you that special picture and the story that goes with it, just tell them to “Arket”. When you survey the fields of memories of pictures in your phone, chose the best and just “Arket”.        Your future…Your Life…Your Button



James Gebhardt, the CEO of MyArkit, Inc. is 64 years young, married for 36 years. He and his wife have 2 daughters with 2 grandchildren, and 2 dogs.

James has been an Auto mechanic, Commercial photographer, and Journeymen Residential Electrician.

He is a part owner of an LLC Electric company for the past 20 years. They built their own house in 2005 on 2 acres in the country and just lived the dream.

Incorporated MyArkit Inc. back in 2020 to start helping people save their digital legacy

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About MyArkit: is an online digital archival company preserving the legacy of loved ones and friends. We live our lives digitally, cradle to grave, and we save them to devices or clouds or social media sites that will either delete you, censor you, or you’ll get lost due to faulty equipment or careless handling. We have thousands of pictures and videos on our devices that get clicked away with no story behind the images that give them real meaning and emotion. Imagine you’re great great grandkids being able to bring up your life in your words and thoughts. People want to be remembered.

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