5 Foods that Damage and Discolor Your Teeth

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 If your teeth have lost their natural shine to an unsightly yellowish color and prominent staining, your diet and lifestyle are largely to blame for the damage. While smoking and consuming tobacco are well-known culprits behind tooth discoloration and poor oral health, several everyday foods can also cause your teeth to lose their original color.

Look out for these five foods to protect your teeth against staining and discoloration.

Coffee and tea

Dentists say that coffee is one of the most common reasons for stained tooth enamel. In addition, it makes your teeth prone to staining by other foods. If you love your coffee, make sure to rinse your mouth after each drink. You can also minimize its contact with your teeth by using a lid or straw.

Teas, especially those that contain high amounts of tannins, can discolor and stain your teeth. Both green and black tea, the most commonly consumed teas around the world, can cause tooth stains. So drink these beverages in moderation, and add milk whenever possible.

Sodas and energy drinks

Sodas, soft drinks, energy drinks, and other packaged beverages are loaded with sugar, which alters your mouth’s pH balance, making your teeth more prone to decay, loss of enamel and subsequent discoloration.

Sodas that don’t contain sugar are also harmful to your teeth and gums as they damage the top layering of your teeth, which makes them susceptible to staining by other foods.

Balsamic vinegar

Some people consume more vinegar than others, and if this is the case with you, your teeth may be affected. Balsamic vinegar, in particular, is known to darken teeth and damage tooth enamel. Dental experts say that if you must have balsamic vinegar in your salad, add veggies such as fresh lettuce that render a cleaning effect on the teeth.

If stained teeth are affecting your self-confidence and causing you social embarrassment, have them cleaned by a professional, experienced and skillful dentist. Dr. Nathan Dustin from Columbia River Dentistry (https://columbiariverdentistry.com/) says that at a teeth cleaning, a hygienist will polish your teeth, which removes any stains your teeth may have.

Red Wine

Red wine can not only stain your clothes, but it can also discolor your teeth if consumed in excess. Just like tea and coffee, red wine is high in tannins and acidic in nature, which is a known cause of teeth stains. The easiest way to avoid red wine from causing grayish stains on your teeth is to brush your teeth well after having a glass.

Tomato Sauce

Your teeth are still susceptible to staining from this common condiment. This is because it creates an acidic environment in your mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay and staining.

An easy way to avoid this damage is to chew on a raw vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, kale or broccoli, or have a veggie salad before eating food laden with ketchup. These foods will create a protective layer that may protect your teeth from stains.

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