How Smart Home Owners Use Speakers to Control Device

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New research from Parks Associates shows the percentage of smart home device owners who use a smart speaker to control their connected products has catapulted from 17% in 2017 to 37% at the end of 2018. The leading smart home technology research firm will host a workshop at the BUILDER’s Housing Leadership Summit featuring new consumer data and insights on builder strategies to leverage connected technology to deliver innovative housing solutions. The workshop, “Being Smart About Smart Homes, will take place May 14, 201910:50 a.m. – 12:10 p.m. at the Ritz Carlton Laguna in Niguel, CA, with speakers from Shea Homes, Brookfield Residential, and PulteGroup.

“There are 33 million broadband households that own at least one connected device,” said Brad Russell, Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates. “Adoption of smart speakers has spiked, with 36% of US broadband households owning at least one at the beginning of 2019. We are seeing the ripple effect from these devices as voices is quickly becoming a common method for smart home consumers to interact with their devices. Builders have a variety of strategies available to them that leverage new technologies, from offering smart home-ready models, to deploying point solutions with voice control, or complete systems with control hubs, which bring opportunities for new revenues and differentiation from competitors.”

The workshop will address consumer adoption and demand, home buyer preferences, and new business models emerging to capture the value of the data from IoT devices to help create new service revenues. The research firm estimates annual sales of all connected home devices will increase to 442 million units by 2020.

Russell will moderate the sessions featuring the following speakers:

  • Tony Callahan, VP, Corporate Purchasing, Shea Homes
  • Tammy Schneider, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brookfield Residential
  • Diahann Young, Director Digital Platforms & Innovation, PulteGroup

“Today’s homebuyers are looking for connected devices that improve the functionality of their home. Devices to remotely adjust the temperature in their home, check to see if they left their garage door open, turn lights on and off when they are gone, see who is at the front door when they are not home, etc.,” said Tony Callahan, VP, Corporate Purchasing, Shea Homes. “As an industry we need to meet customer requirements and provide connected devices that enhance the homebuyer experience.”

“It is important to start simple, start with high value to consumer and leave room for homeowner flexibility,” said Diahann Young, Director Digital Platforms & Innovation, PulteGroup. “We are at the beginning of a long smart home journey. Leaving room for the homeowner to add products they value, and products that have not been invented yet, throughout the life of the home is the approach we believe is correct.”

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