The Most Looked Up Brands and English Words from Around the World

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Packaged as an interactive widget equipped with search functionality, the study performed by SEOlium is equally useful just for fun, for academic, or for scientific purposes. Additionally, marketers and investors may use it to discover business opportunities when performing market or niche-specific research.

“The monthly search volume represents Google’s aggregation of global searches across all common variations and misspellings for each word in the dictionary. The data is an estimated average based on the usage in the previous months and is publicly available on their Keyword Planner Tool,” explained a spokesperson for the firm.

It looks like the top of the list is largely populated by big brands. No wonder to see Facebook, YouTube or Google there. But once you filter the most successful companies in the world – a bunch of porn words emerges. This is mostly an indicator that people are using Chrome browser to actually visit those websites, rather than to find information about them.

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