7 Essential Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

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Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting experiences you can have as a family, it can also be an extremely nerve-wracking adventure.  There are at least seven things you can do, however, to greatly reduce the stress moving can cause you and your family.  These tips will help you with moving for any distance.

  1. Don’t Wait to Pack

When you’re moving, life goes on, so you won’t magically gain time to do all of the things you need to do to move, so make a plan and stick to it.  Do not wait for the last minute to start putting all of your possessions into boxes, start as soon as you know you’re moving.  You can live without some things for a while, like your grandma’s Fine China Set, out of season clothing, etc.  Pack everything you can live without as soon as possible.  When you think there will be time later, there won’t.

  1. Get Multiple Quotes

If you’re going to hire a mover don’t take the first bid you get.  Some moving companies may overbid when they are busier in the hopes that some of their overpriced bids get accepted. The cheapest bid is probably not the company you want to go with, especially if they are significantly lower.  Of course, make sure that the mover is insured and licensed.

  1. Ask Friends and Family in Advance for Help

Make sure you ask people early to help you; nothing is worse than being asked to help a relative move on short notice.  Believe it or not, your loved ones have lives that end getting filled up the longer you wait to ask them to help you move.

  1. Get Rid of the Junk

Go through all of your stuff before you pack and donate all of the things you don’t need any longer.  Be tough on yourself and really prune your belongings down; don’t let nostalgia get the better of you.  Moving fewer things is better than moving a bunch of junk you don’t need.

  1. Label Boxes With a Sharpie Marker

Label boxes with as much detail as you can including which room they are going to go in.  Being able to place boxes in the correct room without opening them is a life-saver. You’ll be able to unpack, room by room, making your life much easier.

  1. Place Fasteners and Screws in Plastic Bags

Some of your furniture may need to be disassembled to move.  Place each piece’s screws in a separate plastic bag and label it. Include the assembly instructions if you have them.  Place all of the individual plastic bags together in a large bag to make sure they do not get misplaced during the move, a disassembled bookshelf with none of its screws is pretty useless.

  1. Cover Wood Furniture in Stretch Wrap

Wrapping your wood dressers with stretchy plastic wrap will protect the wood from scratching during the move.  You can also avoid removing the drawers using this packing technique as the plastic will securely hold them inside the dresser.  Dresser drawers take up space in the moving truck so keeping them inside the dresser helps keep things tidy.

Moving can be a daunting task, so keeping things organized and following some of these suggestions will help you keep your wits during this hectic time of your life.

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