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An increasing number of medical practices are opening up to the possibilities of telehealth or providing medical services remotely to patients in the comfort of their own home. Using the right AV technology and telemedicine software, virtual doctor visits have become a modern-day reality for practitioners to pursue. Video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi lists and explains 4 of the major benefits that patients and doctors alike can reap from telehealth practices. Read on for more.

  • Reduce travel time: One of the biggest benefits that come with telehealth is the reduced travel time for patients and doctors. Patients that are required to visit specialists can avoid dangerous traveling or traveling extraordinarily long distances between the doctor’s office and their home. Doctors who visit patients at home can avoid the time expense of travel and transporting medical equipment. Utilizing advanced AV technology to simulate the patient-doctor visit experience reduces travel time, enabling doctors to “visit” more patients in a certain period.
  • Expand medical professional’s patient base: Since the only tools that patients need for telehealth is a stable internet connection and phone, tablet or computer, many households across the country already cover all these bases. Medical professionals are then able to expand their patient reach beyond their direct geographical area, bringing telehealth service to less populated areas like underprivileged districts, rural towns, and secluded suburbs. The obvious benefit of an expanded patient reach is more patients, enabling doctors to serve more people and expand their practice virtually.
  • Cost-efficient: Instead of spending money to travel to the doctor’s office, spend precious time in the waiting room, and hauling back home or to a hotel for one night, telehealth eliminates all these expenses for the patient. Similarly, doctors can also decrease the costs of home-visits and avoid moving expensive medical equipment around. Telehealth can allow patients to book appointments online at the time they need and avoid taking a day off work. In addition, doctors can utilize telehealth as a form of work from home, so they may skip the need and cost to travel to an office every day of the week.
  • Increased patient engagement = better patient outcomes: Telehealth allows for a more personal one-on-one experience for the patient, giving doctors the ability to consistently observe patients’ health indicators and provide them essential feedback on their treatment and health regime. In addition, a patient can quickly access their doctor or their doctor’s assistants with any questions or concerns they may have in the treatment process. Consistent check-ins lead to better adherence to treatment regimes, which then results in better patient outcomes in the end.

Telehealth is a growing industry with a lot of promise for the future. Discover how your practice can incorporate telehealth using AV technology today, and your medical business may also reap some of these benefits too.

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