How Good Writing Skills can Help you after Graduation

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Good writing skills can be incredibly important for an individual not just during his academic years but also when he is searching for employment. In fact, it has been observed that men and women having good writing skills get preference over other individuals when it comes to career opportunities in leading companies around the world. There is no dearth of individuals who feel their writing skills are important only as long as they are studying in a college or university. Nothing can be farther from truth as writing skills come handy during not just employment search but also at workplace when working with a reputed company.

Companies need employees with good writing skills

Good communications skills are a prerequisite for a student to pass his graduation level course in flying colours. In modern times when writing text messages in 140 characters on social media sites is the trend, an employee who has excellent writing skills can be a valuable asset for any company. This skill can give a student much needed edge over his friends when looking for an opportunity to work with multinational companies. It is true that writing shorthand text messages on IM apps is the trend of the day but it is equally true that all companies communicate with their customers and vendors in proper written English. Also, everything else that is of great importance for companies like presentations, press releases, and business plans require excellent writing skills. It is not a surprise then that all companies look for candidates who possess wonderful writing skills.

You can impress employers with a strong resume

After graduation, the primary goal of a student is to land himself a decent job in a reputed company. He does so by applying for a job in various companies. This is an opportunity for a student to impress potential employers with his writing skills. It is true that good communications skill help students when facing the questions of future bosses during an interview. But only those students whose applications convey the right message get a chance to be shortlisted for the interview process. This is where good writing skills of students come into picture.

Writing skills are soft skills that are in high demand

Once you have used your good writing skills to clear the interview stage, you have fulfilled one of the important goals of your life. But you also know that it is just the start of your career and you have to face the competition from your colleagues to advance ahead in your company. This is where you easily over your competitors with the help of your wonderful writing skills. These are soft skills that are never mentioned as prerequisites in any company but matter a lot to the bosses to deal with their clients and competitors. This is the reason why big companies a ready pay a premium for employees who have good writing skills.

According to National survey of businesses, nearly 82% of the companies pay attention to communication skills of employees. Writing skills are an integral part of communication skills. Many students think that if they can speak well, it is enough for them to land themselves a job in a big company. But these students are surprised to find that their colleagues who possess good writing skills get preference over them when business plans are made or when employees are need to make presentations to clients. If you possess great writing skills, you will find that your company deals with you in a different way than other employees. You are seen as having more credibility and you are also handed more responsibilities. Therefore, you can see that you can create more opportunities for yourself with your writing skills after your graduation. In your company, you are seen as a guy who can do networking like a pro because of your writing skills. You are asked to draft letters on behalf of the management and also asked to respond to letters and proposals given by the clients of the company. It is foolish for any student to pay less importance to writing skills after his graduation. These skills can open new avenues and also help in furthering the career goals of the student.


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