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Waggl, the real-time Employee Voice platform that drives actionable dialogue around critical business topics, today announced a new eBook for healthcare organizations, entitled “Employee Voice in Healthcare: Empowering and Engaging Workers to Drive High Reliability.”

Waggl is the leading Employee Voice solution in healthcare today. Top tier hospital systems choose Waggl to place frontline insights at the heart of care delivery and operations, to boost engagement and retention, foster communication and collaboration, and build productivity and resiliency. The company increased its number of hospital systems customers by a factor of more than 3X in 2018, with a number of premier organizations including University of Utah Health, UCHealth, Rush University Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, University of Wisconsin Health, Texas Children’s Hospital, VA North Texas Health Care System, The HSC Healthcare Systems, Health and Human Services (HHS), Defense Health Agency (DHA), Sutter Health, and UCSF.

“The healthcare industry is an area of growing passion and attention for Waggl, because the people that work at these organizations exhibit an admirable passion and relentless drive for excellence,” said Michael Papay, Co-founder and CEO, Waggl. “They strive every day to be even better at what they do, even though their organizations are already at the top of their industry in terms of the quality of care, education, and research they provide. By using Waggl to activate Employee Voice, these organizations are igniting the creativity and passion of their staff, and helping to get the very best out of their talent.”

University of Utah Health is the Intermountain West’s only academic health care system, combining excellence in patient care, the latest in medical research, and teaching to provide leading-edge medicine in a caring and personal setting. The system provides care for Utahns and residents of five surrounding states in a referral area encompassing more than 10 percent of the continental United States. In its third consecutive year as the Employee Voice for Engagement solution for University of Utah Health Academics, Waggl has created a 10x increase in leader/team conversations about performance and continuous improvement.

“Waggl helps by summarizing a great deal of input rapidly,” said Rick Smith, Senior Director, Human Resource Management, University of Utah Health. “People are reading each others’ comments and voting them up, and the feedback becomes extremely actionable. Something that’s kept us excited about Waggl is the whole way people get into participating in pulses. Some of our earliest pulses went out to the physician population, a group of people that are traditionally averse to surveys. We sent out a pulse to determine how valued they felt, and the engagement was really high. In the time since we’ve had Waggl we’ve implemented a lot of new programs and initiatives that have elevated the experience faculty, staff, students, patients have at University of Utah Health.”

UCHealth, a Colorado-based nonprofit health care system with 12 hospitals, 150 clinics, 23,500 employees and a $4.5 billion operating revenue, is entering its third consecutive year with Waggl. Waggl has become the platform for continuing a robust conversation with UCHealth’s entire organization. Examples include integrating Employee Voice into the hiring of executives, and also improving their new hire orientation program.

“With Employee Voice, we’re changing how we get work done, so our clinicians and non-clinicians can passionately deliver their best every single day,” said Dallis Howard-Crow, Chief Human Resources Officer at UCHealth. Crow will speak at Waggl’s upcoming leader retreat, Waggl Harvest: Voices at Work on September 17-19, 2019 in Napa Valley, along with other notable healthcare leaders, including Froylan Garza, Assistant Director of Outpatient Services, VA North Texas Health Care System; Linda Aldred, Sr. VP & CHRO, Texas Children’s Hospital; and Russell Robinson, Founder of Amplified Research and Consulting and Senior Training & Engagement Advisor, Program Support Center, Department of Health & Human Services.

“It’s always invigorating to be reminded of the people power in healthcare to transform and save lives,” said Tina Gaskell, VP Healthcare at Waggl. “Highly Reliable Organizations defer to the expertise of caregivers to create an excellent experience for every provider, every patient, every time. This enables healthcare providers to minimize priorities, maximize efficiencies and reduce provider burnout by simply making great care easier.”

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