How to Prep Your Skin for Makeup

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In order for makeup to look its best, there is a proper way to prep the skin beforehand. There are certain steps to follow to make sure the skin is healthy and supple, and that the makeup will last all day. One of the keys is to use hydrating face products, because a loss of moisture is one of the leading causes of aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. Hydrated skin also prevents makeup from flaking. Although these steps may take a little more time, the end results will be flawless.

  1. Cleanse the Skin

Make sure your skin is clean before applying any other facial product. It is crucial to take off makeup at the end of the day before sleeping, but you should also cleanse the skin in the morning. This will remove any grime that accumulated overnight, and it will help improve the absorption of the next products.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and excess build up, and it should only be done a couple times a week to avoid stripping away too many layers of skin. Exfoliating will keep the pores clear and the skin smooth, which results in a refreshed and silky complexion that is ready for makeup.

  1. Apply a Serum

One part of the hydration process is to apply a facial serum. Serums penetrate deep into the skin layers and deliver key nutrients such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid. They also provide some sun protection. Serums may be water- or oil-based, so choose one that matches your skin’s needs.

If you suffer from acne breakouts, this is also the time to apply a high-quality acne oil. Check out the Blume Meltdown acne oil reviews to see how this organic and all-natural oil calms the skin and helps prevent breakouts.

It is important to let the serum absorb fully before moving on to the next step. This ensures the skin benefits from the ingredients and prevents the skin from getting too oily. Wait at least a couple minutes before applying moisturizer.

  1. Moisturize

This is an important step, as it provides the base for makeup application. You also want to make sure the moisturizer you use fits your skin type. If you tend to breakout easily or your skin gets red from certain facial products, choose a face moisturizer for sensitive skin. As with the serum, leave ample time for the moisturizer to absorb.

  1. Use a Primer

Before you reach for the first makeup product, make sure you apply a high-quality primer. This step will further hydrate and plump the skin. If you have oily skin, choose a mattifying primer, and if you have mature skin, it is best to use a radiance primer. With primer, makeup will glide smoothly on and last longer than if you did not use it.

Take Care of Your Skin

Looking great requires extra steps. When you prep your skin before applying makeup, not only does the makeup look better and last longer, but the skin is healthier because of it. Use natural products with high-quality ingredients for the best results.

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