Does a Home Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

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When we are talking about the home warranty, the term pre-existing condition comes into place. By pre-existing condition, it is stated when an appliance or a system has started malfunctioning before the coverage period has begun.

The usual reasons for such incidents are usually because of the wear and tear of the appliances. One should check the home warranty reviews before committing to a home warranty service to see whether they cover the pre-existing conditions.

When can a Home Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Usually, a home warranty service will only cover the pre-existing conditions if the contract made with the customer states so. Usually, depending on the contract, any proper home warranty service will cover these conditions based on the following parameters:

  • Before starting the coverage period, if the home inspection is completed 60 days prior or less, and finds the appliances in working conditions, the appliances will be covered.
  • Followed by a mechanical or visual test, if the appliances or system seems in good condition with proper maintenance, they will be covered.
  • If the inspection fails to detect any malfunctioning of any appliance in the said period, their pre-existing conditions will get covered as well.

When can a Home Warranty Not Cover the Pre-Existing Conditions?

Usually, suppose any system or appliance is detected to malfunction during the inspection period prior to the start of the coverage period. In that case, the home warranty services will not cover the said appliance or system.

If a new home is bought, a home warranty service will inspect every corner of the house to see what parts are functional and the house’s overall condition. Based on that, a contract will be offered.

However, if any need for repairs and replacements are detected in a home inspection, a home warranty service will not cover them. This is because the conditions are there before the coverage period starts.

One should check the home warranty reviews to choose proper services to get a clear contract. Thus, the customers will be aware of the things that the home warranty can cover.

This is precisely like car insurance. A car that is wrecked beforehand is not liable for any insurance money even after insuring it. Similarly, a defective household is not liable to be covered for its pre-existing conditions by a home warranty service.

Home Warranty for Older Houses

In older houses, a period of 30 days is provided before the home warranty coverage period. If the appliances and systems are clean, well-maintained, and in proper working condition before that period, the home warranty will cover their pre-existing conditions.

Also, the condition of the house and the appliances are double-checked. If the conditions are below average, a likewise contract is offered. In such cases, only limited appliances and systems are covered by the home warranty service.

Customers should make sure to read the terms and conditions, coverage policies and agree to the said service charges before signing up a contract.


Thus, a good home warranty service will cover the pre-existing conditions only if they satisfy the criteria. This is why home warranty reviews are essential, as a company’s policy regarding pre-existing conditions is also mentioned there.

Generally, any system or appliance in perfect working condition 60 days before the start of the coverage period is considered. Apart from that, any pre-existing condition that remains undetected by the inspection is usually covered by the home warranty service.

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