Exclusive Interview: Send Pain Packing With This Phenomenal Tool

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

Welcome to the latest edition of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and guide to others, as well as founder of heartsofwellness.com, it is my mission to help others make forward progress towards living their best lives!


In this exclusive interview, Wendy discusses Sharik Peck’s work and experiences, including his advanced degrees in physical therapy and rehabilitation counseling, his past disabling accidents, and his current research focused on resonance and their effects on the human nervous system. Wendy and Sharik delve deeper into Sharik’s work, with Wendy expressing her interest in sharing his stories and experiences with her audience.


The Pain Tuner Pro: A Healing Tool’s Journey

Wendy and Sharik discuss the Pain Tuner Pro, a tool resulting from over 14 years of research and development. Sharik shared his personal journey of overcoming a neck injury and a major brain injury and his passion for aiding others facing similar challenges. He explained the science behind the Pain Tuner Pro, which uses vibration to stimulate the vagus nerve for healing. The conversation highlights the patents awarded for the device in the US and China and the potential benefits it offers for those dealing with chronic pain.


Wendy’s Migraine Relief Method

Wendy shares her experience of using the Pain Tuner Pro  to help with her migraines, which have been a problem for her since she was 13. Sharik also mentioned how the method helps to connect the right and left sides of the brain and relieve fatigue. Wendy expressions her gratitude for the method and its impact on her health, and she spoke about how it has helped her manage her energy levels, especially while participating in activities with her children. She emphasized the importance of using natural methods rather than relying on caffeine or pills.


Well-Being, Diet, Toxins, and Health Devices.

Wendy and Sharik emphasized the importance of well-being, including diet and avoiding environmental toxins. They encourage people to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Sharik discussed his company’s tuner device, which has been shown to have positive effects on headaches in a completed research study, and is currently being studied for its effects on the nervous system. The two agreed on the need to eliminate toxins from our homes and dietary systems. See below for the entire interview linked through YouTube.


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