5 Greatest Brazilian Footballers of All Time

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All through the presence of world football, Brazil has conveyed without a doubt the most notable stars. The country has a back list of stars that is hardly possible, from Pelé to Garrincha and Ronaldo to Kaká. It can not be facilitated by some other country. For the aggregate of the amazing group of Italy, Germany or Argentina as football powers, with respect to star power and status, they are not identical to Brazil.

In the establishment of the best footballing sides ever, Brazil’s gatherings in 1958, 1970 and 1982 are typically recorded. In 1994 and 2002, World Cup winning undertakings have snuck up out of nowhere on the star radar. However, everything starts from the inside. We should take a gander at the 5 Greatest Brazilian Footballers. Read more about Brazil National Team Roster.


A veteran of the 1986 and 1990 World Cups, in an employment that took him from 1978 through to the last aspect of the 1990s, Careca was a public victor in both Brazil and Italy. He won the Brazilian Championship with the two Guarani and São Paulo before leaving for Italy in 1987. In 1986, for the remainder of those names, he completed 25 class destinations as the top scorer of the Brasileirão and was named Player of the Year by Placar magazine.

Heleno De Freitas

In Brazil, Heleno de Freitas is as well known for his off-pitch stunts as he is for his results. Coincidentally, there are uncommon kinds of individuals who may maintain to be his equal with respect to his on-pitch accomplishment. Heleno, the best image in Botafogo ‘s pre-Garrincha history, scored 209 targets for the Carioca beasts some place in the scope of 1940 and 1948 of each 235 matches.

In 1948, he moved to Argentine beasts Boca Juniors in what was the greatest trade in the chronicled setting of South American football. His residency at the club will, in any case, prop up for just a single year.


Clodoaldo, a 1970 World Cup victor, is generally seen as remarkable among other watched midfielders to play the game. Clodoaldo, a Santos fan, joined the club in 1963, developed only 13, and would stay with the Peixe until 1980, featuring for the striking Alvinegro outfit on 510 occasions.

Shockingly, he would not get the chance to ensure his World Cup title, having won marvel in 1970, missing the 1974 rivalry resulting in getting a physical issue just 10 days before the event. The completion of his worldwide occupation, developed 25, will be stepped.


In 1958 and 1962, Didi was a twofold champ of the World Cup, having similarly participated in the 1954 adaptation. The Ethiopian sovereign, “as essayist Nelson Rodrigues nicknamed him, was well known in a calling that earned 62 worldwide spreads for his determination, tranquil and laid-back way.”

He also got eminent for his free-kick striking limit, or the alleged ‘folha seca’ (dry/falling leaf) strategy, despite his classy, sluggish midfield style. He would hit the ball so that, with the style showing feasible all through his work, it would suddenly plunge on its approach to manage the target.


He had the specific aptitude to beat players one-on-one, everyone he worked together regarded his eye for a pass, his deftness recognizable all around is stunning, and given his goal record, there can, clearly, be no uncertainty about his ability to wrap up.

Pelé transformed into the most energetic player to appear in a World Cup rearward in 1958 at 17 years of age. He scored in the Sweden-set up rivalry regarding six occasions, including a cap stunt end round and two more in the last.

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