The US House Has a New Temporary Speaker of the House

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Under the oddest of circumstances, Rep. Patrick McHenry, a seasoned Republican hailing from Gastonia, North Carolina, has been appointed as the Speaker Pro Tempore of the House following the unexpected removal of Kevin McCarthy from the position. McHenry’s political journey began at an early age when he was elected at 29 in 2004, marking the commencement of an illustrious career spanning an impressive ten terms in Congress. Currently residing in Denver, North Carolina, McHenry represents the 10th District, which encompasses a significant region northwest of Charlotte. His district covers a huge area, including Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, and Rutherford counties.

The Speaker Pro Tempore, a position now held by McHenry, is a rare but obviously important figure in the House of Representatives. This role entails presiding over the House in the absence of the Speaker, thus ensuring the smooth functioning of proceedings and maintaining order during debates and discussions.  However, McHenry has no mandate to support him. For all practical purposes he will be little more than a place keeper.

The seismic shift in House leadership occurred on a historic Tuesday when Speaker Kevin McCarthy was unseated in a 216-210 vote—a momentous event unprecedented in U.S. political history. This development was instigated by a faction of hard-right conservatives, causing a significant upheaval within the Republican leadership and the House itself. They have no replacement in mind. One of the main reasons McCarthy was ousted was because of his cooperation with the Democrats to prevent a shutdown. Ironically, this vote, that brings down McCarthy, could only happen with the help of the Democrats’ caucus.

McCarthy’s primary contender, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, played a pivotal role in this surprising event. Gaetz championed the “motion to vacate,” rallying not only staunch conservative critics of the Speaker but also garnering support from numerous Democrats who believed McCarthy to be unfit for leadership.

As the dust settles, uncertainty looms over the next steps in this evolving political landscape. While McHenry currently occupies the role of Speaker Pro Tempore in an interim capacity, there remains a notable absence of an apparent successor to spearhead the House Republican majority. The coming days promise to be a period of significant transition and deliberation within the realm of U.S. politics.


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