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In the daily rush, each of us sometimes wants to escape from the routine and briefly plunge into the world of carefree games and entertainment. Today, one of the most accessible ways is the corresponding mobile applications for our gadgets. On you can find a lot of interesting and useful applications. But back to those utilities that will not let you get bored.



Very simple, even more likely a primitive game that manages to tighten with the head. You have a colorful ball and it, what would you think? Right, roll. Your task is to go with it as far as possible, while the ball will change shades. But everything isn’t so simple, and to understand what is happening, you need to overcome at least a few levels. Rejoice, this game is available in Apple and Google-markets


The sweetest game with all the features of modern mobile gaming. In the center of the plot – an awkward black “something” with insanely long legs, which moves with particular difficulty. Your task is to help him go as far as possible. We should also note the funny costumes, which give the application a special charm. Smartphone users on both iOS and Android platforms can have such a comical “monster”. Read more about game killer apps.


Even the banal timekiller has its own plot: two dots set off on a journey, and you need to help them get to the goal. With each level the game becomes more difficult, there are tasks that need to be completed in a limited number of moves. The game is quite exciting, so it can take away from you not only minutes, but also hours, and even weeks. After all, the developers are constantly improving something and add new levels, so you can play for hours.


On the one hand, this is the simplest game, the idea of which is to have time to cut out the flying fruit with the movement of a finger across the screen. This action is accompanied by the realistic sound of the “death” of fruit. The game is so addictive that you can unwittingly carry out the destruction of fruit for several hours. You can play in one of three modes that you can turn on at your discretion. Naturally, for the destruction of fruits, you are given points and you will start the game again and again to beat your own or someone else’s previous record.


A great example of how an ideal runner should be. Your task is quite simple: you must run as far as possible, overcoming various obstacles and collecting coins. Throughout the time, an evil guard with a no less evil dog runs after you. It’s extremely not desirable to get in the hands of this couple, because the race will have to start over. The game doesn’t require special intellectual abilities, because the main thing here is your reaction. Users can download the free game on the Apple Store and Google Play.


The best games on the phone in the genre of “timekiller” appear every day. There is not enough time to try them all. Therefore, choose first of all those which hit the tops and have already received a high user rating. Have a nice game!

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