Learn From 3 Industries That are Excelling in Digital Marketing

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In this day and age, digital marketing is a must-have in any successful business strategy. If you are not doing it, you are giving your competitors a huge advantage. But with so many digital marketing options, how are you supposed to find the right marketing mix for your business? In this guide, we will analyze how 3 industries have successfully leveraged digital marketing to achieve success. 

The online gambling industry – Bonuses

The online gambling industry has been growing exponentially for the past 3 decades or so. In such a crowded, and lucrative industry, new customer acquisition and customer retention are a priority. Successful casinos like https://www.online-gambling-canada.org/ use welcome bonuses to attract new customers and loyalty bonuses to retain them. This is an important aspect of digital marketing that many businesses overlook. You can only increase your market share by acquiring new customers and retaining them. While the bonus system will not work for every industry, you should look to identify how you can create incentives for new customers to do business with you, and how you can reward existing customers to cultivate their loyalty. This is especially important for new businesses facing established competitors. 

E-Commerce retailers – Social media marketing

The e-commerce industry, especially the giant retailers, has really perfected the art of social media marketing. This is something every entrepreneur should learn since social media is quite affordable, considering the global reach that it offers. E-Commerce and social media have been a perfect partnership due to the targeted advertising model adopted by social media companies. A company selling diapers can ensure that its ads are only visible to new parents – who are their core target market. Video game developers can target the youth demographic. Influencer marketing is another important component of social media marketing, where businesses partner with influential social media personalities in the spaces frequented by their target audience. While a small business can’t leverage the reach of social media influencers, you can still succeed with effective targeted advertising. 

The legal industry – blogging

The legal industry was one of the mainstream industries that count as early adopters when it comes to digital marketing. While they make use of most of the available digital marketing techniques, they have seen the most success with blogging. Blogging allows lawyers to create informational content within their fields of specialty. An immigration lawyer will give tips on applying for visas, a personal injury lawyer will provide information on injury cases that qualify for compensation. A blog allows you to showcase your expertise in your field, and provides actual value to your readers. It is a good way to spread brand awareness, and you should look to include it in your digital marketing strategy. 

The final word

A good digital marketing strategy includes many tools and techniques. When deciding on what to include in your strategy, it helps to see how other industries are leveraging digital marketing. New customer and loyalty incentives, social media marketing, and blogging can be used effectively – as the above case studies have shown. 

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